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Something Different Around Here

Notice something different around here? That’s right — we’ve given our website a bit of a facelift!

We’re pleased to unveil our new look, with a sleeker design and easier-to-find features. Our new site more effectively highlights what’s most important to us and to our customers. In addition, highlighting CA Specialities’ vast portfolio of products, it is now easier access E-Catalogs of our Suppliers under the Products Section. The new website and Supplier Catalogs means that customers can now benefit from richer online content that is easier to navigate and share with others, assisting the specification process. This is a result of talking with customers and gaining valuable feedback. Our website visitors can also stay informed with the latest news of the company, and the whole chemical industry. The News section features the latest announcements, product inventions and opinion pieces from industry experts. Why not give us your feedback on the new website by sending us a comment on our Contact Page. The first 100 contacts will be entered into a drawing for a VISA gift card.


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